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Wednesday February 02, 2011 - 11:28 pm
Evening kiddies... I am back. And by back I mean back from my holiday hiatus... and by hiatus I mean drunken stupor... and by stupor I mean... what was I talking about? At any rate, I have been getting caught up on tons of horror movies in that time.

I Likes Me Martinis Shaken... But Not Me Horror Movies One thing that has been pissing me off about movies as of late is this retarded shaky cam crap that has taken hold. I mean, seriously... steady the shot for crying out loud. Who knew that the Muhammad Ali school of filmmaking was graduating so many tards these days. Ok, maybe that was a bit in bad taste... but that is what this shaky cam shit leaves in my mouth... a bad taste (and it leaves chunks of my dinner on the floor). Our friends over at took a poll to see what horror fans like... and I got news for ya filmmakers... it ain't the shaking. They asked the question:

"The shaky cam technique is used alot, what do you think?"

Here are the results:

- I really like it... keep it up - 23%
- No feelings either way - 21%
- I hate it... steady the camera 56%

So there you have it. Over 50% of respondents say they hate it, while only 23% like it. So I say unto you, abandon the hackneyed pandering to the ADD crowd and steady the camera. My next gripe is with all the 3D... check out to participate in the poll regarding that nonsense and then check here for more rants.

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