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Friday January 22, 2010 - 09:09 am
The Final Destination Horror Movie Series Now that The Final Destination (Final Destination 4) is out on DVD, I thought I would take a moment to talk about this great horror movie series. While it doesn't fall in line with alot of the classics slashers in theme, it is still a classic horror movie series in my eyes. These movies can just plain creep you out if you think about it. The small events that can happen on a daily basis that could kill you, or come close to killing you is pretty hair raising. To face the possibility of death in everyday life caused by everyday activities can make you think about your mortality (for you mortals out there). Do yourself a favor and see all four movies in the series.

A Little About The Final Destination Series (source: wikipedia)

The premise to the film series about death is essentially the same: A group of people are gathered together at a venue, when suddenly a member of the group has a premonition of a disaster that will kill all of the people present. Horrified and motivated by the vision of impending doom, the person with the premonition then tries to prevent the incident by alerting the others. The other members have doubts of the incredible claims but the visionary is persistent, fracturing the group in hostile skeptics, dubious believers, or those that had no choice but to accompany the visionary. Soon afterward, disaster strikes as foreseen, proving to the survivors that the visionary was right, and their opinions change drastically.

Over the next few days, weeks or months, the same survivors begin to die in a series of horrific accidents until the same visionary notices a pattern and concludes that, while surviving the initial disaster, they are still destined to die. Do yourself a favor and see all four movies in the series.

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